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Just imagine a web application, which shows you exactly, how people used to live in earlier times and what their deeds were! Imagine an application that can show you historic connections in all their details! A program, in which you can determine what geographic or historic part of history you would like to see and decide on the depth of detail and speed, at which the film is played. Imagine for example, you can see before your very eyes, in all details, the discovery of America – from the voyages to the wars of independence and beyond! Imagine, you can even present your own personal vita and that of your ancestors in a historic context and – last not least – imagine you could turn back the wheel of history and throw the dice for a completely different historic scenario than that, which has happened.

All this the WIKISTORIA-Project offers to you. Our aim is to develop a software and set up a site, into which all events of human history can be entered on to an interactive world map combined with a time bar - you click on 'PLAY' and history is running before your very eyes.

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October 28, 2013: New team member. Welcome, Angelo :-)

May 2, 2013: Our campaign is over – a big thank you to all donators!!! :-) All donations from this campaign will be directly used to create the platform. We didn’t reach our financial goal, but we might have found another way of financing the missing amount. Stay tuned :-)

Jan 21, 2013: Happy New Year and here we go! Our crowdfunding campaign takes off. Now only hoping and praying can save us - or was it mail all our friends and share the link? Anyway we'll do our best.

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