Only together with your help this project can become a success.  The amount and quality of tasks that wait to be tackled, like the units to be set up, updating events, the scientific requirements etc., all this is by far more than we can manage. The is to serve as a forum for our idea and we hope for your ardent help.

Once the platform is online, everybody can help: people with graphical know how for the many units that have to be set up, programmers for improving the functionality of the software, and people with interest in history, who enlist the historic events. Standards need to be defined, forums supervised – and those of you, who have no time at all or are not very knowledgeable in the subjects concerned, but nevertheless find the project interesting, can contribute to its success by means of a donation (>donations).

Just choose your category below; when the platform is online, you will find there exact details of what is needed, how you can help and which standards must be observed, and also contacts in case of  further questions.

Are you well versed in historical facts and interested in how to give an understanding of them? Then you're invited to create historical events on the platform which will be published to the general public afterwards. You will find a documentation at this point on how to use the event creation tool.

The various charts we need, all depict persons, military units and towns, whose history we would like to show. Thus the charts are an essential element of the WIKISTORIA film.

We need one general chart per unit. This chart orientates itself at the usual attributes of  the historic example. From this general chart a special chart can be deducted, which shows specific attributes of a certain historic unit. In this case the general chart is replaced by the specific chart.

Wikistoria units should come animated, like in Civilization III or IV style. However for the beginning, non-animated units suit perfectly for our purposes. YD provided a bunch of those units on and under CC0 licence:

Bowman Musketeer Cavalry Dragoon Trireme Frigate Aegis Cruiser Containership Helicopter many more


Technical details for setting up the animated units, like format specifications, size and choice of colour, you will find here as soon as available.

Read more: Units

The source code will be published here, as soon as the software is available. If you are a programmer and have ideas on enhancements, modifications or improvements of the software, just get started and publish your work, when finished.