The various charts we need, all depict persons, military units and towns, whose history we would like to show. Thus the charts are an essential element of the WIKISTORIA film.

We need one general chart per unit. This chart orientates itself at the usual attributes of  the historic example. From this general chart a special chart can be deducted, which shows specific attributes of a certain historic unit. In this case the general chart is replaced by the specific chart.

Wikistoria units should come animated, like in Civilization III or IV style. However for the beginning, non-animated units suit perfectly for our purposes. YD provided a bunch of those units on and under CC0 licence:

Bowman Musketeer Cavalry Dragoon Trireme Frigate Aegis Cruiser Containership Helicopter many more


Technical details for setting up the animated units, like format specifications, size and choice of colour, you will find here as soon as available.

Hereunder an example: The average length of the ship's type carrack, dating back to the first half of the 15th century was roughly 40 m; the 'Grace Dieu', the flagship of Henry V, was however a 67 m long carrack. In the case of the 'Grace Dieu', the general chart, which is used for all carracks  will be replaced by a special chart, showing a bigger carrack.

The software will include a list of units which are needed. You can suggest units, which will then be added to the suggestion list.